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Copier Consumables: Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Ink and Toners! Leave a comment

A photocopier has two important parts: One can be referred to as consumable while the other is mechanical. The mechanical parts are dealt with by trained technicians. Thus, not much need be discussed about it. Even employees and ordinary persons in the office, however, handle the consumables. Unlike technicians, these people weren’t exactly trained to handle said parts, and as such, there is a greater needs to discuss consumables in depth.

Let’s try to answer a few of the most popular questions regarding copier consumables:

“What are copier consumables?”

Consumable, as the word suggests, is anything that is consumed by the process of photocopying. Thus, these are parts that need to be replaced regularly. Ink and toners are the most commonly used consumables.

“What’s the difference between Ink and Toners?”

Most people mistakenly use the terms ink and toner interchangeably. Toner is a largely powder-based printing agent used by laser printers, using organic compounds and polymers. The ink, on the other hand, is contained in cartridges and sprayed out in a microscopic mist over the selected print pattern. Their physical characteristics also differ greatly because Toners are made of powder while the ink, on the other hard, is a liquid. As to functionality, laser printers use toner cartridges while inkjet printers use ink cartridges.

As to the difference in benefits, refill or replacement cost is one distinction. Initially, toner replacements are more expensive compared to ink cartridges. In the long run, however, the toner would last longer than an ink cartridge would. So, even though the toner costs more up front, their longevity makes them more cost-effective. Ink cartridges may seem cheaper, but they can’t print as many pages as toner cartridges, thus must be replaced more frequently.

Looking into efficiency, printers that use toner are generally much faster than those that use ink cartridges. Thus, laser printers are the preferred option for people who value speed. Inkjet printers are much slower in comparison, because the jets that control ink output are not as precise as laser printers.

As far as quality of the image printed, laser printers generally predominate. Even though there are high-quality inkjet printers that claim to produce remarkably clear photos, not all models are capable of doing so. Also, in most cases, pages printed in ink are more likely to smudge if they get wet.

“What are the best tips on using consumables?”

  1. Your photocopier must be placed in an area with proper ventilation to avoid too high or too low temperature from ruining your supply of consumables.
  2. Replenish your photocopier consumables using only genuine toner and ink. Although there are other options such as third-party compatible toner or re-manufactured ones, be reminded that there’s a good chance your service calls and spare parts usage will increase and your print quality will decrease when you use them.
  3. Install toners and ink properly and make sure to follow instructions on the manual to avoid errors especially in the middle of bulk printing.

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