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Difference Between Copier Leasing and Renting

For a short answer, leasing comprises a contract between the lessor and lessee. In this case, the lessor will be the one to buy the copier and let the lessee use the copier in an agreed duration. On the other hand, renting lets others use the copier with an agreed time, and in return, they will be asked for payment. 

If you still get confused, I’ll share more details with you. 

What’s the difference between rent and lease equipment?

First, in this article, the rent or leased equipment is the copier. If you are the lessor, you are the one who owns the copier. Meanwhile, if you’re the one who’s going to rent, the copier you’ll be renting is owned by the lessor. 

Don’t get confused. The lessor is the place or person where you’ll be getting your copier. 

Is it better to lease or buy office equipment?

It depends. If you’re aiming for security and on a tight budget, I think it’s safer for you to rent a copier. However, if you think you can manage a leasing company or service, then the choice is yours.

Nevertheless, just make sure that the contracts are organized and make sure it will give you back your rental revenue or cut down your turnover cost. 

In what situation will renting or buying be better?

It’s more straightforward and faster to refresh to the most recent gear if you rent it than if you get it. As your leasing business grows, you’ll have the capacity to purchase better models. 

Moreover, you can also have a customized copier too. However, you just have to find a hardware service that does this. It’s up to you if you’ll add it to your copier to lease.

In What Situation Would Renting/Leasing Or Buying Be Better?

It may very well be more expensive to go for a copier machine renting when contrasted with getting one. However, it has its advantages. If you’re not sure of the model you want to lease, you can try renting first. 

And if you notice a specific model is in demand with other customers, you can lease that same model then. However, you also have to assess its quality. 

As mentioned, leasing a printer or scanner can likewise assist you with settling on the kind of machine to purchase forever for your office. I suggest you go with high-end and long-lasting copiers if you use them personally, too. Instead of going with speed, try to consider the quality of color of the copier more.

On the other hand, those who want to rent would find a way to find a copier that has good quality and good printing speed. This is because they want to maximize the copier’s time with them. 

But if you’re going to rent and there would be unintentional problems, the leasing company would be glad to assist you. After all, it’s their copier, and they wouldn’t afford to lose a customer.


Purchasing a copier or scanner to lease would also be better if that’s a business that you’ll love. Moreover, if you would also want to use a copier, this might allow you to choose from the models you’ll have.

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Apart from that, you won’t also have to stress about the coming deadline for your copier payment. Because you already paid it in full. However, if you are in a business that requires you to print a lot and doesn’t have the budget to purchase a new one, you’ll have nothing to lose with renting. 

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