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Getting a Microchip Implant?

Microchip Implant

TECHNOLOGY has gone such a long way. For how many years, we have always relied on machines and gadgets to aid us in almost everything we do — personal lives, school, or work purposes, to name a few.

We make use of all sorts of equipment, even went an extra effort for copiers leasing, printers rental, car rental, among others, all for the sake of providing comfort and ease in our work and lives in general.

This thirst for technological advancement is inevitably leading us down a path where technology is not only something we use but something we find inside of us.

Yes! You heard that right. Scientists and developers are now working on microchip implants. These are tiny devices inserted subdermally for personal identification purposes.

Imagine having no more ID cards and access keys, etc. to carry around most of the time. Instead, with just a wave of your hand, you get access to your house, car, and even your office copier at an instant.

Moreover, it’s also possible to access your medical history among other personal data through that chip, providing for fast and easy access to information in situations that require it.

So what’s the downside to this?

Think about it. Having a device under your skin that you couldn’t turn off! That could put you at risk of being stalked and hacked.

Indeed, the benefits of this microchip do necessitate a compromise, and that’s your privacy.

Scientist themselves claim that the microchip can be potentially hacked, which means that there are people out there who can monitor your daily activities and can gain access to your information.

Still, given these threats to personal privacy, this has not stopped developers from improving the technology for future use.

We may not be able to experience this ourselves, but to our children and even our children’s children, this could be an inescapable reality.