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How Can On-Site Printer Repair Benefit You Leave a comment

Customers would always like to know what other offers go along with the product that they are eyeing for, especially with machines. Some of the questions that the customers would usually ask are:

  • Can you offer an on-site printer repair?
  • Can you provide this service for all the types of printers?
  • How fast will the repair take place?

Given these questions, customers want to hear a yes to questions 1 and 2. The customers are encouraged to buy equipment from your shop if you can provide an in-house repair for all the printer types. One other thing that can lure them to make a purchase is speedy in-house repair provision.

Assist your customers in any way that you can to keep their machine in its best condition. Provide them with outstanding customer service and discuss the other repair solutions that you offer for the machine within the state.

Win Your Customers’ Hearts with a Good On-Site Repair Service

Customers always appreciate it if you can send help right away! For example, if a customer calls in the morning to report a problem and your technician shows up at their doorstep in the afternoon – that’d be great. Make your customers feel valued by providing an immediate solution to their machine problems.

What is a Loaner?

Another deal that is offered nowadays is a loaner. This happens when a customer’s machine breaks down, and after being checked by a technician, there is a need to order a replacement part. What the store will do is to give you a machine that you can loan until they get to repair yours. For you to get back to business, this would be a good deal, and it’s also at NO ADDED COST.

Offer Contracts to Your Customers’ Advantage

Offering on-site repair to your customers can be one of your biggest advantages in this business. But if the customer needs to pay a lot, they might get annoyed and won’t have the machine repaired at all.

However, if you can offer contracts for other kinds of services that you provide, you can attract more customers. These contracts will come in the form of contract-per-copy for printers. Everything will be included in this service contract – from all of the needed supplies to a few replacement parts.

For the repair that is not under a contract, a customer will be charged for the technician’s rate per hour plus the cost of the parts that will be needed to have the machine repaired. Being an authorized dealer is a plus since this also means that the technicians who do the repairs are trained to handle this type of equipment. Years of experience with working for world renowned manufacturers can be an edge too.

Make sure that you let the customers know what they are getting into. This is your chance to make a sale. If you make your clients very satisfied and happy, there will always be a big possibility that they’ll tell others about your services – which will add up to your sales.

For all office equipment needs, either purchase or lease, Clear Choice Technical Service can attend to all of your needs. Call us at (866) 620-2287 today.

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