How to Set up a New Copier

How to Set up a New Copier

Oftentimes the fear of buyers in purchasing a new copier is on the instalment of the program and the steps on setting them up. With this, they often request a technician’s help which may cost an addition besides the payment of purchase and delivery.

Knowing these adversaries, thus, a helpful article will settle a lot of owners in setting up their new copiers. Here are some of the steps to follow:

  1. Read the instructions

There is a better way to start testing a machine or equipment than reading its guidelines or instructions for usage. These should be given to you attached within the box of the new copier. Why do we need to read the manual of instructions before turning them on?

The main reason for reading the instruction is to know the equipment first before using them. The manual of instructions will let you know where to connect the power source and what type of adapter will be used. May it be of 2 tongs or 3 tongs connector. The placement of documents for the copier, the paper feeders with different sizes, ink cartridges, where to look during paper jams, and even when to get the copied documents.

A Manual of instructions will let you know the hardware and software components of your new copier. There will be lists of registered downloading sites and applications for the needed program for your copier to be installed. And these lists are often included in your manual of instructions. On the other hand, for the hardware specs, the basic turning on buttons, sleep button, screen touched, inserting paper panels, and basically how to use it will be available in the manual of instructions. Thus, reading them will help lighten your first time using the copier.

  1. Turn it on

To make sure that your new copier will work fine, you must turn it on first. Turning it on should be done in the right and safe way possible. This is to ensure that the power source should be plugged directly into a socket. Once there is a light in the copier “On Button”, you may press it now. Make sure that the screens are also lighted and that you can press them also.

Be aware that by turning them on, you must be sure that you are pressing the correct “On Button”, as sometimes some copiers have a sleep button that similarly looks to the “On Button”. Knowing the right button to press will prevent the malfunction of the equipment.

How to Set up a New Copier
  1. Place the document in the copier

Once the equipment has been turned on, you need to test its speed and quality. And there is no better way of testing it than making the first copy. Now, to proceed with the process, you need to place the document in a copier.

The placement of the document is usually in a glass-like platform with a hinged cover. Make sure that the cover has at least a white sheet or clean on its back to prevent dirty or black colours during copying.

  1. Make color adjustments

Please be informed that not all new copiers have this feature of color adjustments. To make these color adjustments, you may go to the “Menu Button” and find the settings. Upon reaching the setting, you need to find the Color icon where you can make adjustments. The adjustment of a copier is usually the same as adjusting the brightness on a computer screen.

  1. Paper Sizes and its Feeder

The best thing about copiers today is their availability to copy a document from the same paper sizes to different ones. Since copiers may have different paper feeders, it is right to know where to put your short, long, A4, and legal paper bonds with the correct feeder.

When trying your copier for the first time, you must try copying different documents of different sizes and knowing to use each paper feeder.


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Awareness before the trial of the copying process should be done. You ought to read or at least scan the manual of instructions before trying your new copier. Remember that to make it last, you should know how to take care of your equipment. They can be an investment too and you never know when they can be handy.