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PRINTING out and reproducing over a hundred copies of one document on a regular printer would make you reconsider acquiring a copier instead, realizing that a mundane machine such as the printer may appear too overused for what you intend to accomplish considering the tremendous workload you need to deliver.

More often than not, those who bet on an ordinary printer to come up with a huge amount of paperwork — particularly in bulk — ended up realizing the impracticality of such decision. In this case, you should better use a copier with features enough to deliver a hefty amount of workload.

A printer delivers colored printing with desired sharpness and precision, making it ideal for sales reports with pie graph presentations or for children’s colorful worksheets for instance. However, printing in bulk from this device is not recommended as the machine’s toner is only intended for non-commercial printing purposes. Producing hundreds of copies from a printer would cost you so much for the ink and toner alone.

And while a printer produces better printing quality — particularly in colors — it does take an awful amount of waiting time to finish, too. And when you have got loads of printing and copying to do, it would surely take forever to finish everything. Therefore, a copier would be ideal to use when reproducing printouts, particularly, documents in black and white. It is also capable of delivering hundreds of copies in a few minutes.

Copiers may produce printouts with a quality inferior to that of a printer. However, it delivers output in amazing speed and numbers making this piece of equipment ideal for a huge amount of paper printing and copying. Its toner is not as expensive as that of a printer’s. Moreover, it has bigger cartridges enough to accommodate a bigger ink refill ideal for over a thousand copying and document reproductions.

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