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XEROX Phaser 6510, XEROX WorkCentre 6515 / DELL H265cdw

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1 Service Call Procedures
Service Call Procedures
Accessing Engine Fault History
SCP 1 Initial Actions
SCP 2 First Call Actions
SCP 3 Normal Call Actions
SCP 4 Fault Analysis
SCP 5 Subsystem Maintenance
SCP 6 Final Actions
SCP 7 Configurations and Options

2 Status Indicator Repair Analysis Procedures
Troubleshooting Overview

3 Image Quality
IQ1 Image Quality Entry
IQ2 Light or Undertoned Print
IQ3 Blank Print or Missing One Color
IQ4 Unfused Image
IQ5 Random Spots
IQ6 Bead Carry-Out
IQ7 Horizontal Banding
IQ8 Vertical Lines/Streaks
IQ9 Cyclic Dots/Line
IQ10 Vertical Deletions
IQ11 Diagonal Banding (Auger Marks)
IQ12 Uneven Density
IQ13 Ghosting
IQ14 High Background on Prints
IQ15 Fuzzy/Blurry Text and Image
IQ16 Wrinkled or Creased
IQ17 Leading Edge Paper Damage
IQ18 Incorrect Image Position or Margins
IQ19 Images are Skewed
IQ20 Color Registration is out of Alignment
IQ1 Image Quality Entry

4 Repairs / Adjustments
REP 1.1.1 UI Console Assembly (Control Panel)
REP 1.1.2 UI Inner Cover (MFP)
REP 1.1.5 UI Harness (MFP)
REP 1.1.7 UI Access Door (MFP)
REP 1.1.99 UI Frame Assembly (MFP)
REP 1.2.1 UI Console Assembly (SFP)
REP 1.2.2 UI Harnes (SFP)
REP 2.1.1 LPH Color Head Assembly
REP 2.1.11 Guide Cover Assembly
REP 2.1.99 LPH Xerographic CRUM FFC Kit
REP 3.1.1 Main Drive Assembly
REP 3.1.2 Paper Handling (PH) Drive Assembly
REP 3.1.3 Bypass (MSI) Drive Assembly
REP 3.1.4 Waste Drive Assembly
REP 4.1.1 Main Fan
REP 4.1.2 Main Fan Duct
REP 4.1.99 Foot Assembly Kit
REP 5.1.2 Dispenser Assemblies Y,M,C,K
REP 5.1.9 Toner Full Sensor
REP 5.1.99 Dispense Drive Assembly Kit
REP 6.1.1 Transfer Belt Unit
REP 6.1.8 Color Toner Density (CTD) Sensor Assembly
REP 6.1.11 Photo Sensor (K-Mode)
REP 7.1.1 Fuser Assembly
REP 7.1.2 Fuser Harness Cover
REP 8.1.1 Drum Cartridge Y, M, C, K CRU
REP 8.1.5 Waste Cartridge Assembly
REP 8.1.6 LPH Cleaner Assembly
REP 8.1.6 IOT 250 Cassette Assembly
REP 9.1.11 Legal Paper Tray Cover
REP 9.1.98 Cassette Separator Rollers Kit
REP 10.1.1 550 Option Feeder Assembly Kit
REP 10.1.2 550 Option Feeder Left Side Cover
REP 10.1.10 550 OPF Foot
REP 10.1.98 LED Harness Assembly Kit
REP 10.2.8 No Paper Actuator (Optional Feeder)
REP 10.2.99 Feed Roller Assembly Kit (Optional Feeder)
REP 10.3.1 550 Option Cassette Assembly
REP 10.3.2 Cassette Separator Holder Assembly
REP 10.3.7 Legal Paper Tray Cover
REP 10.3.98 Casette Separator Roller Kit
REP 13.1.1 Bypass Tray Frame Assembly
REP 13.1.5 Bypass Tray Feed Roller
REP 13.1.8 Bypass Tray No Paper Sensor
REP 13.1.98 Bypass Tray TA1 Roller Assembly Kit
REP 13.1.99 Bypass Tray TA2 Roller Assembly Kit
REP 13.2.1 Main Bypass Tray Assembly
REP 13.2.5 Bypass Tray Separator Holder Assembly
REP 15.1.1 Option Registration Chute
REP 15.1.99 Duplex Registration Roller Assembly Kit
REP 15.2.1 Registration Chute Feeder Assembly
REP 15.2.2 No Paper Actuator (Registration)
REP 15.2.11 Registration Actuator
REP 15.2.13 Registration Photo Sensor
REP 15.2.17 Upper Feed Chute
REP 17.1.1 Exit Chute Assembly
REP 17.1.4 Main Exit Drive Assembly
REP 17.1.5 Exit Idle Gear Assembly
REP 18.1.1 MCU Board (MFP)
REP 18.1.5 ESS Board (MFP)
REP 18.1.9 FAX Board (MFP only)
REP 18.1.11 Wireless Module (MFP)
REP 18.1.14 Front USB Harness Assembly (MFP)
REP 18.1.16 LVPS Board (MFP)
REP 18.1.18 ESS Top Plate (MFP)
REP 18.1.19 ESS Box (MFP)
REP 18.1.20 LVPS Plate (MFP)
REP 18.1.21 MCU Plate (MFP)
REP 18.2.1 HVPS Board and Guide Assembly (MFP)
REP 18.2.3 HVPS Toner Cover (MFP)
REP 18.2.99 Second Bias Transfer Roll Housing Kit (MFP)
REP 18.3.1 Inlet Harness Assembly Kit (MFP
REP 18.3.1 Inlet Harness Assembly Kit (MFP)
REP 18.3.4 Rear Interlock Harness Assembly (MFP)
REP 18.3.5 Side Interlock Harness Assembly (MFP)
REP 18.3.6 OPF Harness Assembly (MFP)
REP 18.5.1 MCU Board (SFP)
REP 18.5.5 ESS Board (SFP)
REP 18.5.11 Wireless Module (SFP)
REP 18.5.16 LVPS Board (SFP)
REP 18.5.18 ESS Top Plate (SFP)
REP 18.5.19 ESS Box (SFP)
REP 18.5.19 ESS Box (SFP)
REP 18.5.20 LVPS Plate (SFP)
REP 18.5.21 MCU Plate (SFP)
REP 18.6.1 HVPS Guide Assembly (SFP)
REP 18.6.3 HVPS Toner Cover (SFP)
REP 18.6.99 Second Bias Transfer Roll Housing Kit (SFP)
REP 18.7.1 Inlet Harness Assembly Kit (SFP)
REP 18.7.4 Rear Interlock Harness Assembly (SFP)
REP 18.7.5 Side Interlock Harness Assembly (SFP)
REP 18.7.6 OPF Harness Assembly (SFP)
REP 19.1.5 Front Inner Cover (MFP)
REP 19.1.22 Left Side Front Cover (MFP)
REP 19.1.23 Right Side Front Cover (MFP)
REP 19.1.96 Toner Cover Assembly (MFP)
REP 19.1.97 Right Side Cover Assembly (MFP)
REP 19.1.99 Top Cover Assembly (MFP)
REP 19.2.1 Left Side Cover (MFP)
REP 19.2.4 Left Side IIT Cover (MFP)
REP 19.2.11 Second BiasTransfer Roller Assembly (MFP)
REP 19.2.16 WIFI Cap (MFP)
REP 19.2.98 ESS Window Assembly Kit (MFP)
REP 19.2.99 Rear Cover Assembly Kit (MFP)
REP 19.3.5 Front Inner Cover (SFP)
REP 19.3.22 Left Side Front Cover (SFP)
REP 19.3.23 Right Side Front Cover (SFP)
REP 19.3.24 Left Rear Top Cover (SFP)
REP 19.3.25 Right Rear Top Cover (SFP)
REP 19.3.96 Toner Cover Assembly (SFP)
REP 19.3.97 Right Side Cover Assembly (SFP
REP 19.3.99 Top Cover Assembly (SFP)
REP 19.4.1 Left Side Cover (SFP)
REP 19.4.11 Second Bias Transfer Roller Assembly (SFP)
REP 19.4.16 WIFI Cap (SFP)
REP 19.4.98 ESS Window Assembly Kit (SFP)
REP 19.4.99 Rear Cover Assembly Kit (SFP)
REP 50.1.1 DADF Assembly
REP 50.1.2 IIT Assembly
REP 50.1.3 Left and Right Counterbalance Assemblies (Hinges)
REP 50.1.11 DADF Tray Assembly
REP 50.1.13 Scanner Assembly
REP 50.1.14 DADF Actuator
REP 50.1.99 DADF Feed Roller Kit


PL 1.1 UI (MFP)
PL 1.2 UI (SFP

PL 2.1 LPH

PL 3.1 Drive


PL 5.1 Dispenser

PL 6.1 Transfer

PL 7.1 Fuser

PL 8.1 Xerographic

PL 9.1 Tray

Option Feeder
PL 10.1 Option Feeder (1/3)
PL 10.2 Option Feeder (2/3)
PL 10.3 Option Feeder (3/3)

PL 13.1 MSI (1/2)
PL 13.2 MSI (2/2)

PL 14.1 Duplex

PL 15.1 Registration (1/2)
PL 15.2 Registration (2/2)

PL 17.1 Exit

PL 18.1 Electrical MFP (1/4)
PL 18.2 Electrical MFP (2/4)
PL 18.3 Electrical MFP (3/4)
PL 18.4 Electrical MFP (4/4)
PL 18.5 Electrical SFP (1/4)
PL 18.6 Electrical SFP (2/4)
PL 18.7 Electrical SFP (3/4)
PL 18.8 Electrical SFP (4/4)

PL 19.1 Cover MFP (1/2)
PL 19.2 Cover MFP (2/2)
PL 19.3 Cover SFP (1/2)
PL 19.4 Cover SFP (2/2)

PL 50.1 Scanner

6 General Procedures

7 Wiring
Plug / Jack Location List
System Wiring Diagram Symbols
System Wiring Diagrams
Subsystem Wiring Diagram Symbols
Subsystem Wiring Diagrams
MFP Harness Routings
SFP Harness Routings

8 Principles of Operation
Printing Process
Scanning Process
Paper Path
Major Components’ Functions
Drive Transmission Route
Options for the Phaser 6510 and WorkCentre 6515

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