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Plotter Repair: The Best Print Value

Plotters are high-precision printers that utilize line drawings instead of the dot matrix printing of regular copy machines and print on a surface using one or more colored pens rather than the traditional ink and toner method of traditional printers. Due to its advance printing capabilities however, a plotter machine needs regular maintenance and repairs to keep it running at peak performance for all your high-definition prints.

Unlike a regular printer machine or a copier, plotters can continuously draw high-resolution point-to-point line graphics and vector files guided by software specific files and functions.

Wide Format Printer Repair and Types

There are three types of plotters for a variety of applications:

  • Drum plotters – a type of pen plotter that wraps paper around a drum with a pin feed attachment that turns to produce one direction of prints or plots while the automated pens move to provide the other direction.
  • Flatbed plotters – a heavy-duty graphics plotter that contains a flat surface (flatbed) where the paper or canvas is laid. Depending on the required size of the print, a flatbed plotter size can range from a single movie poster to large scale bulletin boards.
  • Electrostatic plotters – a sophisticated plotter that utilizes the effect of negatively charged papers or canvas to a positively charged toner. Modern versions of the electrostatic plotters are called large-format laser printers, which focuses light onto a charge drum using LEDs.

Plotters are the first type of printing machines able to produce the complete set of colors for graphic rendering and full-size engineering drawings. Mainly, Photo plotter machines are used in computer-aided-engineering (CAE) software, such as the Auto Computer-Aided Design (AutoCAD) and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) – where errors in detail accuracy are fatal.

Plotters have a plethora of applications that maximize large scale image outputs and can also be used with many different types of media. Typical industry uses include:

  • full maps
  • architectural drawings
  • macro art gallery prints and large photographs

billboard signs or POP advertisements in shops or marketplaces

Materials and media compatible for printing:

  • film
  • vinyl
  • cloth
  • paper
  • canvas
  • coated paper
  • adhesive paper
  • billboard paper
  • thermoplastic resins (PVC)

Plotter Repair Service and Maintenance

If your business requires an all-around machine that can work with large format files, then a plotter printer is what you need. Most plotter printers today come with hi-tech features like a built-in scanner, touch-screen interface, and a higher page per minute (PPM) yield to make complex projects easier to execute.

From time to time heavy-duty equipment requires repair/service time to extend its lifespan and avoid business interruptions due to a malfunction.

Large Format Printer Repair by Clear Choice Technical

Since the dawn of the printing press, many innovations and improvements have been made in technology to raise the bar on how we access better quality machines to fit all of our needs.

Today, plotter machines are referred as new traditional printing, which is only second to the newly commercialized 3D printing. In some parts of the trade, plotters are also called large format printers or wide format printers that are mainly used in advertising firms or any printing-related business.

For a business that makes cost-efficiency and consistency their top priority, take advantage of our large format printer repair services to keep your plotter machine in top production shape. Choose from our flexible terms and start investing in your company’s asset.

With a wide selection of office plotter brands and low payment options, choose Clear Choice Technical Services. Call 866 620 2287 and see our flexible leasing options now!


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Copier Repair and Maintenance: Quality Service at a Low Cost

The copier is one of the most important inventions ever made by man. You can just imagine how difficult it would be without a copier and no rapid photocopy. Now, with a simple touch of a button, copies of documents are made.

If you have a business and you are using a photocopier, it’s a good idea to have a copy repair and maintenance company that you can trust in case of machine malfunction, breakdown, or if the service warranty of the machine has already expired.

Copy Machine Repair by the Best Technicians

Modern copiers offer many conveniences. Copy machines are equipped with various features such as image size adjustment, automatic document feeding, document collation, and two-sided copying. These features save time and increase efficiency, allowing people to complete other tasks while the machine works.

Copiers are generally reliable machines, but overuse and age can diminish the efficiency of this trusty office equipment. Some common problems that occur are:

  • Paper jams
  • Overheating
  • Code confusion
  • Lines and spots on pages
  • Cartridge or toner issues

These problems usually arise when users are not familiar with the proper use of the equipment. The copying and printing loads in big offices expedites the wear and tear of the equipment. Copiers can get bogged down and malfunction if not properly maintained and cleaned regularly.

Fortunately, a repair and maintenance service provider can easily tackle these problems. Technicians at Clear Choice Technical are experienced and certified copier repair-persons that always deliver top results.

Copier Repair Service to Extend Machine Life

Copy machines have a typical shelf life of five to ten years, but these can be extended with proper use and periodic maintenance. With regular care, these machines can reach their optimum life and beyond.

These simple steps can extend the life of these multifunctional machines:

  1. Use quality paper, ink and toner.
  2. Do not feed the copier wet, wrinkled, or dusty paper.
  3. Clean the ink cartridge head. Wipe the ink nozzle with a damp cotton swab.
  4. Regularly clean the copier glass to avoid spots and lines on a page.
  5. Remove staples, clips, and other metallic objects from documents before copying to avoid scratching the glass.
  6. Keep the inside and outside of the copier dust-free using a fine-haired brush.

Some think that copier maintenance costs too much. Well, they are wrong. When you think about it, it would be more cost effective to have periodic maintenance performed rather than buying a new one whenever it breaks down.

Copier Repair Company You Can Trust

Hiring a copier service without a contract with can be expensive. It is possible that the technician will charge you for something that is not needed.

With that being said, it would be best to get your copier maintenance service here with us at Clear Choice Technical Services. We offer copy machine servicing with the best technicians anywhere. We guarantee you that you are protected with our copier repair service because of our maintenance agreement.

We assure clients of the following when they enter into a contract with us:

  • Service by the best technicians
  • On-time service
  • Service whenever and wherever needed
  • No additional charges
  • Payment options

Aside from affordable rates, we also have the best customer service. We answer inquiries right away. So what are you waiting for? Inquire about our services today!


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