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The Confused, Copied Copier

Copied Copier

WE ARE JUST a bunch of copiers alive!

The proof starts from the phenomenon that led to our existence: Genetic replication. Basically, our genetic material is copied and multiplied through certain processes. Contained in vessels exchanged through love, their fusion more or less creates another being.

One of those beings happens to be you.

Now when you put it that way, everything your parents have told you about being unique or special just doesn’t seem to be true anymore. Somehow, self-doubt increases and you begin to crave for validation a little too often. You decide to introspect outside yourself and noticing all these worldly imperfections, sometimes even worse ones than you expected. You get more confused and sad, because instead of seeing the good you wish to, what you see outside is actually a reflection of your own flawed core.

We are just a bunch of copiers alive, and sometimes we just need copiers repair services. If you’ve ever felt like a broken copier among other copiers, both broken and not, here’s a mixtape for you, with the theme, being, The Confused, Copied Copier:

  1. Creep by Radiohead

Despite also believing that everyone is somehow the same, this track is for the times you felt like a freakshow – the bad kind of weird. This is for the backseat kid who feels like he’s not good enough for anything or anyone he wants.

      2. Mad World by Gary Jules

The world can be as mad as it is sad. When you get used to a routine, and things just become kind of bland, you begin to question if any of this is worth it. Is any of the things we do of any worth at all?

     3. The Scientist by Coldplay

You have dealt with loss before, and you will be dealing with more sooner or later. Loss will break your heart over and over again. Going through this will not be easy, but remember that you’re not easy to break either.

     4. Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.

Life throws bombs when you least expect it, and let’s face it: you can never dodge them. The best way to overcome them, though, is to just keep on moving forward.

      5. Ordinary People by John Legend

Setting aside the romantic aspect, this track reminds you that you are imperfect and that it is perfectly okay. You make mistakes, you go through troughs in your life, and then you grow. You go through the process again, and you grow even more. Life is just a series of growths.

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