printer use for printing

What does a laser printer use for printing?

Laser printers produce high quality outputs that may seem laminated in thin plastic. This printer does not use ink to print graphics and text into a paper. Instead it uses toner powder that melts to produce fine prints into the paper. Laser printers produce printouts that are smudge proof and can last for long years without fading.

Toner cartridges contain toner powder that has longer shelf life than ink cartridges. It does not dry up after leaving it for a long period of time. It is still usable for more years even after its expiration date. Toner powder is composed of plastic particles, carbon and coloring agents that are heated to create images and when melted will be transferred to paper via drum assembly and fuser.

What are the major parts of a laser printer?

Toner/toner cartridge

The toner serves as the printing agent of a laser printer. It is the consumable part that is usually replaced or refilled. Toner cartridges are somewhat expensive however, users may opt to refill kits that are more affordable to fill up the empty cartridge. The life span of a toner cartridge typically reaches 3000 printouts before you replace it. Laser printers may show warning signals regarding the level of toner that it still has or signals when it is running low of toner powder, provided that it is equipped with chips that recognizes the toner and determines whether you need to refill or replace the toner. When the toner cartridge has been refilled, the chip must be reset using a re-setter.

Drum or photoreceptor

The photoreceptor or drum unit receives positively charged images from the laser scanning unit by the electrically charged Corona wire. The drum is coated with positively charged toner and sticks with the negatively charged area of the drum creating upright images on paper. It is expected to print approximately 30,000 printouts before you replace it for a new one.


The fuser unit is responsible for transferring the toner to the paper. A fuser is a heated cylinder that fuses the toner using hot rollers that operate in pressure and heat to transfer the electrically charged toners created by laser beams on the drum unit. Your printer won’t operate without this part. Laser printer fuses can produce 150,000 pages before it needs to be replaced. Though it is a sophisticated part of a laser printer, this part doesn’t need a frequent replacement.

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Most consumers give excellent ratings for laser printers. Most of them said that it is more reliable and durable than inkjet printers. Printouts came out decent, smudge-proof, and less likely to fade even many after years. This amazing performance is because of the toner powder it uses. Inkjet printers may become messy during refilling the ink. It is also prone to dry because inks are liquids. It evaporates when stored in humid surroundings and may cause clumps on the ink tanks which leads to clogged cartridges and produces poor printouts. Toner powders are a mixture of dry plastic elements, coloring medium, and carbon that doesn’t dry up easily or not at all. It is clear that toner cartridges are better than inkjet cartridges in numerous aspects.