When To Call A Technician To Repair Your Office Copier and Printer?

The many advancements that have been introduced to our basic printer and copier have proven to be both a godsend and a curse at the same time. On the one hand, the additional functionalities enable us to work faster, better and more effectively. But, on the other hand, the devices have become trickier and more confusing to operate and to troubleshoot. Here are some instances when it is imperative that you call a technician in order for them to sort out your printer.

  1. When the printer will not turn on. There are times that a printer will not respond to any command given to it and the easiest thing to do in these instances is to restart the unit and ensure that all cables and connections are secured and properly connected. However, what is tricky is when the printer does not turn on despite it being properly plugged into a power source. For instances like this, it is important to have the technician look into what is causing this issue. He may need to disassemble the device in order to properly assess what is causing the problem. It is not wise to go and do this yourself since you might end up voiding the warranty of the item. Also, there are components in the printer that would require special handling.
  2. When the printer does not respond after it the program has been updated. After a system update, a device needs to be rebooted so that you can be assured that everything is in its good working condition. If after you have installed updates on the system of the printer it becomes unresponsive or produces a different outcome from what it was commanded to do, then you should consult with a technician. This is because there may be an incompatibility with the update installed or that there may be a failure or error in the installation process. This can be better assessed by the technician because any tinkering can cause irreparable damage to the printer’s software.
When to Call a Technician to Repair Your Printer?
  1. When the printer makes an unfamiliar noise. Printers usually make specific sounds to indicate when they have completed a job or there is an error that occurs with the printing requirement. However, if the printer starts making unfamiliar noises when performing printing jobs, the best course of action is to seek the aid of a trained technician. The noise may be because a component of the printer has become detached or there may be damage to any of the parts of the internal mechanism. This assessment needs to be carefully and skills done by a trained professional so that the matter will be handled well. An untrained person may cause more harm to the device.
  2. When the print it produces gets blotchy despite having cleaned the printhead. There are instances when the printer produces poor quality prints and usually this occurs because the printhead is clogged or there is a blockage. A good cleaning of the printer head usually remedies this issue and the printer can produce good quality prints again. However, if after the printer head has been cleaned the printer still is not able to produce a good quality print out, a technician should be called in so that he can check what else may be causing the problem.

Printers are made to aid you in your tasks and so routine maintenance is also designed to be simple so that the end user can perform them easily and without a third party assistance. However, if you are unsure of what to do or the issue seems to be something you are not equipped to handle, it is best to let the professionals handle this so that you can be assured that your printer will be able to function properly.

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