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7 Tips to Increase Copier Uptime for Productivity

Having a good copying machine will always be a good investment for a business as it can help make your job easier and faster. The employees’ workload will be easier to process, help them increase the production of the business, and attract new clients that can add revenue to the company. But have you ever wondered how you could improve your copier’s productivity to make your business more productive and maximize your copier’s usage? If you are, here are some tips that you can read and try with your copying machine.

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Liquid Spills

If you are working in an office, you would know how busy and how redundant things are inside the office. Sometimes you’ll experience some excitement, then sometimes you are stressed due to deadlines, but one thing will never change, you’ll always want to have something to drink when you have a break. Whether it is coffee or plain water, as long as you can get a bit of respite from your work to breathe a little, you must always remember never to put it on top of your machine. You never know what will happen next, and you might spill the liquid you put on top of your copying machine and ruin the device. You might say that you are not clumsy, but it is better to be safe than sorry.


One of the primary factors that can start slowing down your copying machine is dust. You might think that dust won’t settle on your machine when you are using the device frequently. Unfortunately, dust still accumulates on your machine as some parts of it are still not being used and touched, especially the tiny nooks and crannies that are unreachable unless you move the parts around. So you should always make sure to clear the dust on your machine to keep its performance in top shape.

Hands Off

If you encounter some accidents like a paperclip or other small things that accidentally slip inside the machine, don’t ever try to remove it by yourself. You should always ask for a technician who can help you and knows how to disassemble the machine to prevent any disaster from happening properly.


You need to make sure that your paper is free of dust or should be kept in a dry place. If your paper is dusty or has some humidity, you might have some paper jams while processing your documents that might ruin your printouts. So it is better just to take out the papers when you are already using them and keep them again in a dry place to prevent any humidity from accumulating on the paper.


Suppose ever you encounter any mishaps or trouble. In that case, whether you know how to repair it or not, you must always let your supervisor or someone in charge of informing your service provider know so that they’ll be able to take the necessary steps on what they should do next to repair the copying machine immediately and to not inconvenient other employees who need to use the machine.

Right Supplies

You must always use the correct type of paper and toner for your copying machine to prevent any unnecessary trouble for your device in the future and be able to have a good quality of printouts.


Like humans, your copying machine also needs to have a break as they also get tired if used continuously. Letting it break in between can improve its performance and keep performing at its best whenever you use it.

These tips are just some of the things that you can try and apply to your copying machine to have a long lifespan and improve its productivity. You can also ask your service provider for additional information to know what else you can do to increase your machine’s production.