A3 Printer for Office

A3 Printer For The Office

Sounds cliché, but bigger is better, even with the printed documents and marketing materials for your business. Printer fax scanner copier new york experts say that most of the time, size gives the perception of quality. Therefore, pitching a sale on an A3 paper has a more significant chance of closing the deal for as much as 5 percent as compared to using the standard size.

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Opting to use A3 printers in the office guarantees size benefits every single time. It does not only work for attracting sales, but with also sending messages to the office. According to research by Professor R. Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire, the use of A3 posters for communicating messages to your employees have a 66% more chance of drawing attention. Here are the biggest reasons why offices need A3 printers:

Information security

Information breach is a serious criminal offense, which could result to profit loss and damaged company reputation.

Office printers carry sensitive data from your printed documents such as health records, legal papers, financial reports, and other classified business information. Securing the printer’s hard drive should be every company’s top priority.

Modern A3 printers, those from Xerox, for instance, have its security features such as overwriting and encryption. It has been incorporated on its design for the primary purpose of eliminating possibilities of the information breach. The printer keeps a copy of every document printed, but with these modern features, data is encrypted when stored as protection from unauthorized access. The image overwrites feature, on the other hand, ensures no digital footprint will be left behind by overwriting every trace of the stored document.


Growing offices, most of the time, have limited spaces for equipment such as fax machines, scanners, and printers. Modern A3 printers are designed to be compact yet complete, so its size, weight, and its built will not consume much space. Its features will no longer require the existence of other equipment since you can print, scan, and fax in one machine. Some of these latest models even offer wireless connectivity adding more convenience to its users.


For businesses which do not require A3 printed documents on a regular basis, they often choose to outsource their printing. The option is beneficial for them rather than purchasing the actual printer, however, for companies which are generally using A3 documents, getting their printer is cost-effective. Although leasing companies may offer reasonable rates, having your A3 printer saves both time and money. In fact, in today’s market, you can get a Canon Pixma IX6860 for as low as $200.

Size makes an impact.

Presentations on A3 materials are more effective by 18% compared to A4 visuals. The size magnifies the business regarding its stability and professionalism because customers are more likely to listen to the sales pitch since it demands attention.

Small businesses which are outsourcing their A3 printing jobs may not realize it now, but they are not saving from it, but instead costing them more in the longer perspective. Businesses will benefit more if they have their A3 printers; get it only from printer fax scanner copier specialists.