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Estimating the cost per page of a printer or copier may depend on several factors. Printer cartridge is one of those, as it is one of main components of the printer or copier that is expensive in costs that is why it became a part of the computation. This also depends on the type of machine used and the price of the printer cartridge. To get the calculated amount, there is the need to know the amount of printer’s cartridge and the cartridge’s page each yield.

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Simply means,  the higher the price of the cartridge, the higher the cost per page. 


  You can determine the CPP (cost per page) by means of dividing the printer’s cartridge by the page yield of the printer’s cartridge. The equation will be Cost per page (CPP)= Cost of Cartridge/ cartridge page yield. 

Before diving to the computations, we are going to let you know more about cartridge yield pages and cartridge costs, and how these two become factors or how it affects the cost per page of printer/copier.


  A page yield refers to the maximum number of papers that a cartridge can print. When looking for the page yield, there you can view it inside of the cartridge’s package (the information may be at one of the cartridge’s package sides) or simply get the manual of it because it is much better and detailed. The page yield is easy to find as it is in black ink printed somewhere in the cartridge’s package. Page yield varies in the size of the cartridge. For example, when a cartridge is small, it can only print less than bigger ones such as a 32 Liter of ink cartridge can print to an approximately 300 page yield compared to a 64 Liter of ink cartridge that can yield up to 600 pages. However, this page’s number can change based on the texts or images of a document. For instance, a document that needs to print having a full amount of texts inside, then the ink that will be used is going to reduce more than to the documents with lesser texts.


  The cost of a printer cartridge also depends on the size and so the printing cost depends on it. A 32 Liter ink cartridge’s cost is from $8.00-$40.00. We have mentioned earlier about the 32L ink cartridge and the price of this size is probably $11.89. 

For now, you already know the printer cartridge’s price and the page yield. Then you now have what is needed for the calculations and can now proceed for the calculations of price per page. By getting these two firstly, you will know how much it would cost you for printing/copying per page. Let’s proceed now to our question, how to calculate cost per page. In calculating, there is no need to struggle so much because it can be easily solved through division.

CPP (Cost per page)= Cartridge Price/ Cartridge page yield 

CPP= $11.89/300

CPP= 1.98 cents. or 2.00 cents

The calculated cost per page is 1.98 cents or 2 cents when round off. By now, you have knowledge that you can use when you invest for a business of a printer or copier or for the public not to get fooled by.

 Consequently, the cheaper the cartridge’s price and the more cartridge yield, the cheaper it would cost for a one page. Calculating the cost is an important way to track if it is righteous when someone tells you how much they want to receive to someone. It is not too hard to look at the cost because simple math is the way. Do these whether a document to print is colored or just black and white. By the way, always look for a printer/copier with low CPP because it will lessen the expenditures.

Hope this guide will help you!

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