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Completed: Adding a New Cable Drop in Farmington Hills, Michigan

Cable Management

Cabling system is very essential in all businesses. Whether it’s for data and electricity, cabling management is the greatest solution for keeping and maintaining the cords safe and well-organized.

That is the reason why cabling management is one of the key services that we provide to ease the troubles of the workers and have a safe and worry free work environment. We provide cable management that involves adding new cable drops for new workstations. Please read one of our success stories on cable management below.

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A client from Farmington Hills, Michigan site requested for a new drop to be installed at the reception area for a Credit Card unit.

Site is 6000 square ft. and the lobby is one end of the server room which is all the way to the back, it could not be any further away.

Our technician (tech) did the following:

  • Tech pulled 200ft cat6 cable from the patch panel to the front desk
  • Tech then terminated and tested both ends.
  • Confirmed working. 
  • Credit card unit was installed
  • Device was detected on the network by IT department and was then set up right after.
  • Drop Install – Successful

We hope that the steps made by our team could help you resolve this problem in your network. In case you have questions or might need an assistance regarding this, our team in Clear Choice Technical Services can definitely help address these concerns. 

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