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Copier Lease: Services and Maintenance for your Equipment

Having a copier lease is now a standard for many business offices. They delve into copier leasing as their best option for their printing needs. Leasing companies then see that as an opportunity. They offer a copier lease at a very competitive rate to meet your financial needs as well.

Copier leasing in Clear Choice Technical Services offers a wide array of state-of-the-art types of equipment. These types of equipment are from the most prestigious brands in the market. Thus, copier leasing services in Clear Choice Technical Services leveled up, showcasing efficient technicians who do the work. They offer service maintenance and repair anytime, anywhere. This feature is one of the advanced mechanisms of copier leasing services.

What are the specific services and maintenance that suit your equipment? Read more to know the answer to your predicament.

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What does a Service or Maintenance Agreement entail? 

When you use copiers, you will have consumables that need to be replaced. Doing such is necessary for the equipment to remain operational and efficient. That is called maintenance. 

For your copier’s maintenance, you need to change toner/ink, waste toner cartridges, paper feed tires, drums, and maintenance kits. You also need to have cleanings to prevent wear and smudges from occurring. 

With a maintenance agreement, your leasing company provides you with a quote. This quote will keep your equipment in working order. Hence, it offers necessary consumables and labor. Restrictions such as paper, staples, and network-related calls may apply. So, it is important to understand the exclusions cited in your contract. 


Toner is necessary to keep your prints coming through. Most commercial copiers run on toner than ink because of the volume of pages that it can cater to. Most copier leasing contracts have a dealer responsible for providing toner to the client. It can be based on a customer’s request or through an automated alert sent from a data collection agent on their network. The toner may even arrive at the end-user(s) before they know the machine is low on toner. This incident may depend on your chosen leasing company. 

Parts & Supplies

Parts and supplies include but are not limited to the following: developer units, drum units, feed tires, rollers, various electronic boards, fusers, and operation panels. Manufacturers have increased efficiency for their parts and supplies over the years. With such complexity, brand-specific model training is still necessary for most repairs. 

Labor & Diagnostics

Copier leasing companies have labor costs associated with deploying a service member to a call and with the amount of time on-site. This cost can be burdensome if paid by the hour through a “Time & Material” contract. A maintenance agreement would include all the labor charges at no extra costs to the clients, barring any exclusion cited in the contract. Aside from the labor that you receive on-site, leasing companies have a team of employees who track your devices’ alerts. They help diagnose possible “quick fixes” for your equipment. 

Contracted Volume

It is a function where the dealer you work with sees that the number of prints runs on average. The usage periods for this can be set for monthly, quarterly, or up to annually. The company you partner with must understand your business and printing habits. These volumes are tracked by meter readings sent in by your employees. It can also be followed through automated tasks made by the data collection agent. 


Overage shall apply if you go over your contracted amount. It is another expense due to your service partner at the end of the billing period specified in the contract. If you have a color device, two overage rates shall apply, one for color and one for black and white. Color printing is more expensive than black and white.

Therefore, every part of a leasing contract is equally essential. It means every detail forms part of the agreement. If you overlook one, then you will not understand the whole part. So, service and maintenance are both vital in choosing the right copier lease for you.