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Copiers And Printers – Are They The Same?

Copiers and printers are abundantly found in every government, business, or even school setting as most work done do involve paperwork. It has become part of the usual visual stimuli to an employee where a copier or a printer is found. Nonetheless, it seems like these two devices are often confused with each other due to seemingly the same operation and uses but most people are not aware of the differences.

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What Is A Copier?

A copier or a copier machine is a machine solely made for producing duplicate copies of documents. One can put the original file or document having its side to be duplicated facing down lying on the scanning area. The copier will proceed to scan the document and will send instructions to something called a “toner” and will “burn” the parts of the blank paper with imprints based on the original document. This process is commonly found in xerographic copiers, at which liquid ink is not involved compared to printers.

The first copier was released into the market in 1959 and became an instant convenience for producing copies. As time passed by, the use of copiers became more demanding as office work was also blooming. Digitized paperwork didn’t exist until at least the 1980s so until that time, the innovation still improved steadily and perhaps later models also introduced some new features.

What Is A Printer?

Copiers were a dominant printing machine until the dawn of the internet and office work that became reliant on encoding software. A new “invention” must come. One that not only can produce duplicate copies of pre-existing documents but also produce an original hard copy generated by computers or even webpages outsourced from the web. Enter, the multi-purpose printer.

Printers are, by the word itself, multi-purpose hardware that functions as a copier, a scanner, or a printer of readily-made files stored on a computer database, or even a web page browsed from the internet. Unlike the standard old copiers, this technology uses a liquid-system printing that such machinery requires something called an ink cartridge that is constantly replaceable depending on the frequency of usage. Most work environments, particularly the financially stable ones, all rely on multi-purpose printers to make use of various uses including as a copier.

Now, What To Prefer?

A multi-purpose printer indeed sounds more advantageous than a standard copier provided that the costs are properly met. But one mustn’t just have to resort to printers just because one can also afford them. Does the workplace even need printers? Aren’t just copiers enough? What about the long term costs? How would someone handle the constant usage of both of these devices?


Copiers and printers have a designed function even if it is said that a printer can do more things than a standard copier. If the workplace involves digital writing and editing before a print-out is produced, then one can have a set of printers. If the only thing needed in a workplace was to produce various copies of documents, a copier machine could be enough. Anyway, even after printers became a trend, copiers haven’t even passed out of popularity. even some of the convenience stores offer copying services that also become part of the business. Sometimes, both of these machines are present in certain business and government establishments to make it adapt to its hectic demands as it can also be recognized that both copiers and printers are a wonderful combination as long as all of its usages are properly supervised.
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