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Copiers Can Help You Meet Your Deadlines

Copiers are known for contributing to office productivity. It just carries all these many functions and features most would need multiple machines for. Copiers promise a great deal of efficiency that boosts productivity in any office they are stationed in. 

Inkjets are also used in offices. However, they do not have the same reputation as copiers. This is because inkjets are limited to not even half the functions copiers can perform. They may contribute to productivity with the functions they are limited to. Still, that does not really bring the entire business in a productivity boost unlike copiers do. 

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Clear Choice Technical Services, Copier Lease is a huge business because of the demand for copiers. Many businesses collaborate with copier lease dealers to get affordable plans that will get them copiers for their offices. The same cannot be said about the appeal of inkjets to enterprises.  Below is a list of things that make copiers more productive and appealing to businesses than inkjets:

It is widely known that copiers are multifunctional. 

It can print, copy, fax, scan, and even store documents for you. Inkjets are known to only perform half of these functions or even less. Having an all-in-one machine is a big contributor to productivity. It performs functions quicker and does not require you to move around just to operate these functions.

You can also multitask office assignments with the help of copiers. Copiers have automatic features for those functions. Inkjets don’t have many functions let alone more automated assistance for their limited functions. 

Time is essential in every workplace. Copiers help in making sure you meet task deadlines, so they value your time. Inkjets may take time to perform functions especially if fed medium or heavy workload. Copiers, on the other hand, never slow down and can handle heavy-duty tasks. This is why copier leasing remains a growing business.

Copiers can do stapling, hole punching, and ordering of pages for you. 

Yes, no need to do it yourself. Stapling papers together is definitely not a fun task to do. It is time-consuming as well as frustrating. Honestly, no one is thrilled to do hole punching and ordering pages accordingly as well. With copiers, you don’t have to worry about those tasks.

You can make yourself a coffee to keep yourself awake for the rest of your office hours instead while your copier does those things. If productivity is really the intention too, then you can simply maximize that free time by doing other important tasks. Inkjets can’t help you with that. Inkjets can only produce outputs for you which you would still have to sort yourself. Now, that is not really an ideal machine for improving productivity, is it?

One of the best things about a copier is that it does not require you to move around just so you could perform tasks. 

Copiers have networking features that allow Cloud, Wi-Fi, and other applications to connect them to your devices from desktops to smartphones. This connectivity feature makes it possible for you to use your devices as a remote control for your copiers. 

You can print documents from your desk with just a few presses on your own smartphone. Also, if you are already in the copy room, you can print your files straight from the machine. No need for your flash drive. You can simply access your files in your cloud storages using the copier itself. Copier leases can help you with making sure you are well-instructed with these features. 

Any copier leasing dealer would also say that inkjets can certainly not live up to these mobile printing features in copiers.