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Here’s How To know when you need a New Office Copier

If you’re the sort of person who gets bored easily, then working in an office could be tough. When there are limited stimuli all day, every day, it can get draining. Thankfully there are a few ways to bring a little life back into your workday. For example, bringing some quirky props into the office, hosting random game days with your co-workers or even introducing something as simple as a new desk. However, if you find that things just aren’t getting any better and your job is becoming more of a chore than anything else – perhaps it’s time for a new Copier.
It’s not making good copies

Printing high-quality copies is the whole point of having a copier, right? If your copier isn’t making good copies anymore, then it’s simply not doing its job. A worn-out copier is one of the first signs that it’s time to take action.

Not only does a worn-out machine detract from the overall look of your workspace, but it also wastes money by consuming valuable resources like electricity. Plus, if a Copier goes down for any extended period of time, you could lose critical work in the process.

Here’s How To know when you need a New Office  Copier

You keep getting reprimanded for making too much noise

If you’re constantly getting scolded for making too much noise at the office, it might be time to upgrade your copier. Older model copy machines can be quite loud, and they often don’t have any features to help muffle the sound. If yours is on its last legs, it could be causing quite a racket and it’s probably time to get a new one.

Newer models, on the other hand, often come with sound-dampening technology that can help keep the noise down. Plus, newer machines tend to be faster and more energy-efficient, so upgrading could help your office save money in the long run.

Your employees are constantly injured

Another way to know if it is high time for you to invest in a new copier is if your employees are constantly getting injured while using the office copier. There are many newer models on the market that come with safety features that can help prevent injuries. For example, some copiers have sensors that detect when someone’s hand is getting too close to the paper feeder and will automatically stop the machine.

Other models have been designed with ergonomics in mind to help reduce the risk of repetitive strain injuries. So, if your employees are constantly getting hurt, it might be time to upgrade to a new model. If you’re not sure if it’s time for a new copier, talk to a professional to get their opinion.

It smells bad

Do you have a copier that smells bad? If so, you have one of the surest signs that your office copier is up for a replacement. The reason for the bad smell could be that the copier is outdated and the parts are breaking down- think electrical issues, dirty sensors, or overworked gears. When this happens, dangerous chemicals can leak out and cause a foul odour. The chemicals in the toner can also break down over time and release nasty chemicals into the air. This can cause respiratory problems and headaches.

Not only is this unpleasant for you and your coworkers, but it could also be indicative of a larger problem. For example, if the copier is overheating, it could potentially catch fire. If you notice a bad smell coming from your copier, call a service technician to come to take a look at it. If you can’t pinpoint the source of the smell, it’s best to err on the side of caution and get a new copier. 

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