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How To Prolong Your Office Copy Machine’s Lifespan?

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How To Prolong Your Office Copy Machine’s Lifespan?

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One of the most expensive and useful equipment that you may have in your office is your copier. The larger versions can cost thousands of dollars, and the repair and maintenance are expensive. To be able to avoid calling the service department for repairs, you can take care of your copier from the get-go by cleaning it regularly and using it as carefully as possible. Here are some techniques that can help keep your copier working so you can save money and spare yourself the headache. 

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Use quality products

By using high-quality paper, you can reduce paper debris, shavings, and dust inside the copier, and it will result in less needed internal maintenance. To ensure the quality of your copier, the paper must be stored in a dry place, and it should not be inserted when it is wet or dirty. Always load your paper properly, so it is not forced into the feeder or paper tray. 

Clean the copier glass

It is important to clean the glass of the copier regularly. It can be done by using a simple cloth that is dampened with glass cleaner. Take note; you should not spray glass cleaner directly onto the glass. When you are scanning documents, remember to remove all paper clips, staples and other metallic objects so that the glass won’t have scratch marks. 

Keep debris and dust from the ink cartridge head. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer for cartridge access. The ink nozzle should be cleaned regularly from dust by using a small cotton swab that is dampened with isopropyl alcohol or water. 

Clear dust from the copier

Dusting the inside of the copier is as important as dusting the outside of the copier. A fine-haired paintbrush can do the work so you can dust the insides of the copier, including the ink cartridge locations, paper trays and other spaces that are not regularly accessed when the copier is used. 

Cleaning your copier should not be done mindlessly, because instead of having a good effect, it could do more damage. Here are some things that you need to remember before you clean your copier:

Turn off the power

Before cleaning your copier, you need to make sure that the power is turned off. This will protect you and the copier from accidents caused by electricity. 

Use the right products.

Check with your manufacturer to make sure that you are using the best toner and paper for your copier. The high-quality paper will result in less dust inside the copier, which means there will be less need for maintenance. 

Load the paper properly

Avoid jamming the paper into the copier and load it as you should. Just make sure that you do not load folded or wet paper into the copier, as it could cause it to jam. 

Clean your copier regularly.

Cleaning your machine regularly can help extend its life. Keep track of the dates when you cleaned your copier so you won’t forget it. You can set a date at least once a month so you can develop it into a routine. You can do the basics such as cleaning the glass with a cloth sprayed with glass cleaner and using a brush to dust off any dirt that you see in the internal and external part of the copier. Never use pressure when cleaning your copier as it could cause damage. 

Schedule maintenance regularly

Even if you take great care of your copier, time will come when you need to have it checked by a professional. It is a machine, after all. There are places and components within the machine that you can’t reach to clean. To make sure that your copier will stay in great shape, you can call a qualified service professional who can clean your copier for you. This will help extend the life of the copier significantly. 

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