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How to Tell if a Document is a Photocopy?

Because there is a high demand for producing copies of documents, especially in the offices or workplaces of almost all businesses, the ever-reliable photocopier or copier is a constant fixture. Because of this, sometimes it is hard to identify or even guess if a document is an original or a photocopied one.

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How to Spot Original Documents

Before someone can identify a photocopied document, someone must first know what the original looks and feels like.

An original document will reveal its characteristics to its reader or viewer on a person-to-person basis. This means it is the reader or the viewer’s capacity to deduce and think if the document in front of him or her is original or not.

An original document’s text and feel are more solid and dark, and if it has written words on it, those written words will necessarily have an impression on the paper brought about by the act of writing which has a specific amount of pressure that puts a stress on the paper.

Original documents are heavy on the feel because of the weight of the ink of both the printed and written words. Plus, the smell would be that of fresh paper and ink and if the document is old, the smell would be that of the pages of old books and magazines.

How to Tell if a Document is a Photocopy

Photocopied documents on the other hand would leave a distinct smell because of the reaction of the chemical used to the heat applied in the process of photocopying such documents. Also, a paper that was used in photocopying an original document has a smooth and even feel, also because of the heat and chemical reaction that was made to produce it.

Depending on what type of copier is used, its age, and the quality of the materials. The text and written words would look the same but lighter than that of the original. Also, even if the text, pictures, and written words are colored, their photocopies will look blank unless a special paper or ink, or toner is used.

Benefits of Photocopying Documents and Photocopiers

Even if a document is a photocopy and looks and feels lesser in quality than its original counterpart, the importance of the process of photocopying can never be ignored. Businesses and homes are dependent on these trusted machines in more ways than one.

Due to this fact, photocopiers are:

1) Accurate and fast, making an exact copy of a document is crucial in businesses and even homes. No information is lost visually during the process of the photocopying process, making said process indispensable in spreading information through the medium of paper.

2) Convenience and ease of use. The operator of a photocopier does not need any more knowledge and expertise aside from being familiar with the operation of the machine. He or she only has to put the paper in to achieve the desired result. Gone are the days when people needed to write or print repeatedly to make copies of a single document.

3) Efficient machines. Photocopiers are efficient because, unlike printers, their operator needs only paper and ink or toner to run using less power in the process. Making copies of an original document is made cost-effective more than ever.

4) Different sizes of copies. Sometimes a copy of the original need not be a faithful copy in terms of its size. Modern copiers achieve this feat because of preselected settings and paper size that adapts to the needs of the user or owner of the photocopier. 


The significance of photocopies and photocopiers to the modern world is immense, especially in the field of business and information. In view of this, a person interested in owning one can simply look for stores online or even through billboards or signboards. There are several companies that sell or lease copiers to meet the requirements of those in need.