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Lease Your Copier Locally, Here’s Why

If you are looking for a high-quality, multi-function copier for your business or office, you may want to consider leasing a copier instead of purchasing one outright. So what are the benefits of a copier lease?

There are a lot of advantages to leasing a copier instead of purchasing a new one for your business or office. While a copier lease will require you to commit to a monthly Bills for the payment, like a copier loan purchase agreement would, your payments will be lower each month. It is similar to leasing a car instead of buying a brand new one, the monthly payments on a copier lease are more affordable than going to a traditional financial institution to get a loan for your equipment. 

Also, at the end of your lease agreement for the equipment, you can upgrade it to the latest model available on the market. When you go to purchase a printer, the last thing that you can do once the last payment has been made is to get a brand new copier to buy. The thing is, if it took you several months to pay off the loan you have to purchase the equipment, by the time that you are done, there have already been newer models with better features and improvements out in the market. In the way that technology works, before you are even done paying off the loan that you got for the equipment, the model of your equipment is already considered obsolete. 

When you get a copier lease, you can instantly get another copier lease for the latest model on the market the same day that your first lease agreement ends. A copier lease releases you from all the stress and hassle of having to think about what to do with the copier if you do not want it anymore, if you don’t need it anymore and if you want to replace it with a newer model with more features. 

If you own the copier, you either have to sell it for an amount significantly lower than you intended to sell it for. You also need to meet with all the potential buyers, or you have to call around to find out a way to dispose of it in an environmentally-friendly way. When you lease a copier, your local dealer will pick up the equipment at your location, and they will take care of the disposal for you. 

And another thing is, you will always have the greatest, latest, best copier at your business. You might discover that within months of using your copier, you want to get the model that has different features like being able to collate and staple papers, or you may want a copier that has different-sized paper trays that can meet your printing needs. If you have your copier leased, you can easily order what you need and dispose of what you don’t need when it is time to lease your next equipment. If you buy a black and white copier, you have to buy a second copier for coloured ones. 

Benefits of a local copier lease

There are a lot of local dealers that you can turn to if you need a piece of equipment. Local Copier lease will be more than willing to help you. Working with your local dealer has a lot of benefits. If you have issues like a paper jam or you can’t clear on your printer, or if you run out of ink or need another tutorial on how to use one of the features on your printers, you don’t have to worry. 

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You can call your local dealer, and everything will be solved. If you lease your equipment from a regional or national dealer, you might be waiting days or longer for your service to be filled. And of course, the most important thing about doing business with your local dealer is that it can help sustain your community and generate funding for your neighbourhood.