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Office Copiers 101: What Features and Functions Do You Need?

If you are searching for a new copier to replace your outdated and old one, you may want to know the features and functions to consider.

You want your new copier to be as dependable as possible and can fit your budget. But the most crucial aspect you should consider is the copier’s functionality. To help you out, we have compiled the essential features and functions you should look for when buying, leasing, or renting a new copier.

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Identifying the speed of a copier is crucial to understanding the copier replacement industry. Copiers are used in offices, schools, and businesses around the world. The industry is expected to grow by as much as 27% over the next decade, primarily attributed to the growing importance of technology in the workplace. Therefore, you must invest in a copier to handle these increasing printing demands.  

Mobile Connectivity

When buying a new copier, you have several options to choose from. Most modern copiers are capable of producing high-quality prints and duplicates, and most models are capable of being networked so that you can send and receive documents from other devices.

However, choosing the right copier for your business needs requires more than just a review of the features and specifications of the model you are considering. You need to consider the connectivity options available on the copier, as well as the mobile app that can be used to configure the machine and make changes to its settings.

Print Quality

When you buy a copier, you usually have a specific document printing need. Whether you need to copy a few pages for work or print out many copies for a significant event, the right printer can help you meet your needs.

But did you ever consider the quality of the print as well? Most people don’t, but if you’re like most people, you’ve probably been frustrated when you’ve tried to print something on a copier, and the print quality is poor.

Copying and printing documents are one of the most common tasks daily. However, most of us tend to focus on the final product rather than the process when it comes to printing.

This is unfortunate, as the print quality often significantly impacts the final result. For example, a poor-quality print job can result in smudged and blurred text, while a good-quality print job can produce clear and readable text.

So, if you will buy a copier, ensure to opt for the one that makes high printing quality.

Lease a Business Copier Now

Leasing a copier is a good business decision if your company works with paper. Copiers can be leased in bulk and are often cheaper per page than purchasing your copier. Over a year, this can save your business a lot of money. If your company does a lot of copying, you might only consider purchasing a copier if your current copier is nearing the end of its service life.

Many business owners prefer to lease a copier instead of purchasing one. When you lease a copier, you are paying a monthly fee for using the equipment, which reduces your upfront costs. This can be a great way to get started with a copier, especially if you don’t have a large budget. You can also choose a lease term that works best for you, such as a one-year lease or a five-year lease with an option to purchase.

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