Ricoh MP C5503

Ricoh MP C5503 Copier Rental in Miami Beach, Florida

Rental equipment is an ideal option for conventions, events, peak periods such as end of financial year and for emergency situations. With short term rental, we can fulfill your requirements quickly without the financial commitment of long term capital expenditures. Whether you need a high-powered copier for volume jobs or just a scanner to move your filing to digital sources we’ve got you covered! 

One success story for this week in our rental service is from Miami Beach, Florida.

The customer called in to look for a copier to rent for one week. He needs the machine to be delivered, installed and networked to his site. We checked with our technician and machine’s availability in Miami Beach, Florida and a Ricoh MP C5503 Copier is available for rent.

The customer signed our rental agreement and the machine was delivered to the customer’s site as scheduled. During the rental dates, there was no reported machine breakdown. After a week, the machine was returned to our warehouse and the rental agreement was concluded. The customer was very happy with our fast and reliable rental service!

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