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Small Instances to Say “Thank You”

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WE ALL KNOW expressing gratitude is an important thing to remember, but sometimes we tend to forget to do it. Especially in times when small acts or “gifts” are presented, we tend to overlook these instances that deserve our gratitude.

Here are some small instances where the least that we could do is simply acknowledge the goodness of their acts:

  1. When someone holds the door for us
  2. When a waiter finishes up cleaning the table we were sitting in
  3. When a mall receptionist at the entrance tells us to have a nice day or to enjoy our stay at the mall
  4. When the cashier lady gives us our change
  5. When the traffic enforcer finally allows the pedestrians (wish we happen to be part of) to cross the street
  6. When the person from the copiers maintenance offer to carry our newly-fixed copier to our cars even if we can manage it on our own
  7. When our local doctor finishes checking you up
  8. When we finish a class session with our teachers, instructors, or professors
  9. When our teachers, instructors, or professors agree to teach us outside classroom hours (or even answer our questions off their work time)
  10. When a shy friend allows us to read or see an artwork of his (e.g. poem, painting) masterpiece, because these artworks contain his innermost thoughts and feelings
  11. When a colleague shares to us his thoughts about the most complex and controversial things like the universe, politics, and existence, as well as those of the most mundane of things like the weather, ice cream flavors, and funny dog videos
  12. When someone we know is doing his best to get through each day.
  13. When someone says he appreciates our existence.

We may never know, but a simple “thank you” can go a really long way. We may never know when someone needs those two simple words. May we never forget to say “thank you.”

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