Copier Breaks Down

The Reason Why Your Copier Breaks Down

Whatever you use your copier for, chances are, it is an important task. There is never a good time for a copy machine to break down, but sometimes they break down at the worst times. You rely on your copier machine to uphold your professional image. Printout with red ink that looks pink, streaks on the page, or crumpled paper, are not the look that you are going for. The good news is, there are ways to prevent these unfortunate copier malfunctions. 

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Here are some reasons why your copier keeps breaking and what you can do to prevent it. 

You have the wrong size copy machine

A lot of offices buy a copier based on price or functionality. But your copier’s capacity is equally important. Office copiers exist in a range of options, sizes, and speeds. 

Each machine has a maximum volume that it is made to produce every month before it starts to wear down. Too much output volume on less capable devices will contribute to its demise. Inadequate output on large machines made for steady use can also have a negative impact. A minimum output volume also exists, and when volume runs low, the copier can start to break down. 

The key to finding the right-sized machine is to know your output requirements every day before you buy one. Small offices may only make around 5 to 20 copies every day, while some companies print in the thousands. Work with a company that will honestly assess your needs before selling you more than what you need. 

Your copier is overheating

Office copiers overheat when they exceed their desired limit. A lot of copiers serve as multi-function printers and they perform numerous tasks. When copiers are not given a break to cool down, they can start to malfunction. Copier machines also overheat when they are not given enough room to breathe. Machines tucked in a tight corner or stacked with paper can’t release the heat that they produce. 

It is best to store your copier in a well-ventilated area with breathing room on all four sides. If your copier is in use all day long, you can consider investing in numerous copiers to reduce the wear and tear. 

It is jammed with paper or dust

A paper jam can cause breakage in your copier, and the way that we handle it can cause damage too. Paper jams are like a battle between you and the copier when you try to pull the trapped paper out. The delicate components of the copier are not made for the tug of war, and can easily break under pressure. 

When you pull on the paper, it rips, which causes a secondary problem. Small pieces of paper lodged in the machine may lead to further damage and more complicated jams. Paper jams can sometimes be avoided by fanning the paper before you load and loading it right side up. That is right, there is a top and a bottom to paper, you can look for the arrow on the package. 

Paper dust is an inevitable part of copier usage that also clogs up the intricate system. From a deadlock part to the foggy printout, paper dust is a pesky enemy. You can avoid paper jams and dust issues by maintaining your copier. Check the manual for instructions in handling paper jams and dusting your copier regularly. Gentle cleaning of surface areas with Windex and checking your paper drawers for loose particles will help you avoid these issues.