Tips for Avoiding Common Printing Mistakes

A simple printing mistake could cost you a lot of money, resources, and time. Thus, you should be more mindful when using your printer. In line with that, you also need to ensure that you understand how it works.

Some of the common tips to avoid printing mistakes include double-sided printing and allowing printer bleed if necessary.

If you have fed up replacing a malfunctioning printer with a new one, here are some tips you can do to avoid common printing mistakes.

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Use Double-Sided Printing

Printing documents on a single side of the paper requires more paper and ink costs. Double-sided printing helps you to save money as it helps in preventing your printer from malfunctioning. It is also a simple step to achieve a more sustainable and environment-friendly office.

Printing single-sided documents usually results in paper jamming. To avoid that from happening, consider double-sided printing your files. It does not only use less paper, but it also keeps your printer from malfunctioning.

Include Bleed

Trimming is an essential requirement if you desire to put additional graphics, colors, and background images to your document. Allowing enough room for printer bleed is essential, especially if you will be cutting your prints.

Bleed is a design part located at the border dedicated for trimming. To avoid any printing mistake, you should allow the printer to have at least 4mm bleed. Not allowing your printer to bleed could negatively affect the design of your document once it has been printed.

Use High-Resolution Images that Convert to CMYK

Images with high-resolution help you to achieve higher-quality and sharper print results. Take note that once the document has been printed, you can no longer modify its resolution. Thus, always check the image resolution before printing. Ensure that the image has more than 300 pixels per inch resolution.

In addition, remember that only a few images can be converted to CMYK from RGB. Thus, you will notice a slight difference from the printed images. If you are more on digital design, you may consider RGB. On the other hand, CMYK is ideal for physical prints.

To avoid that, make sure that an image is converted to CMYK before printing any graphics or designs.

Print Documents in Black and White

Does your business require printing plain texts alone? If so, you may not realize that you are overspending. Printing colored documents wastes more ink costs. To save money, consider printing your documents in black and white. Unless otherwise, you need colored graphics and images.

You can consider setting black and white as your default printing system. Also, always ensure to check the color setting before printing. Aside from that, printing in black and white also extends the lifespan of your printer.

Use only Simple Designs.

Does your business need to print office materials or marketing kits? If so, you must ensure to use only easy-to-read and eye-friendly designs. Low text contrast, overcrowding, messy, and small fonts can make printed documents hard to read.

To ensure that you are making high-quality print results, experts recommend using only simple designs with high-quality resolution.


A printer is an essential part of an office. It allows employees to copy, scan, and fax a wide range of documents. In line with that, you want to extend its service. Thus, it is essential to avoid common printing mistakes. Consider the tips mentioned above to save money and avoid costly printing repairs.