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Why Pay For A Copier Service/Support Agreement?

Having your copier in your company is a good investment. You wouldn’t have to worry about going to an office printing house and waiting for a long time so that you can take your turn to print your documents. Having a copier inside the company can help you keep track of where you might have left your printed documents and keep sensitive documents from being leaked. Copiers are also secured so you wouldn’t worry about having unclaimed printed documents that might end up being wasted due to the key card that each staff member was given so you would be assured that you’ll be able to track which of your employees printed which documents based on the keycard that was used.

Service Contract

Service contracts for copiers are insurance that can help you in protecting your equipment from incurring expensive repair costs. This contract is used in improving your copier’s lifespan so that it could perform at its best for a long period. It could also help you contact trained technicians that can help in repairing your copier or just talk to their customer service in times that you have questions that you can’t find an answer to while doing your research. They can also give you advice and solutions to simple problems that you encounter while using your copier and it is also an agreement that can cover any emergency that you might face while using your copier.

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Having a service contract can give you a lot of benefits. You might not see it immediately at the beginning but you will notice it in the long run because there are things that you’ll never think of happening but they will just pop out unexpectedly without even giving you a hint of what is about to happen. One benefit is avoiding unnecessary repair costs if ever your copier happens to stop working unexpectedly while you are using it. Maintenance can cost a lot of money but if you have the service contract you can be assured that you can get your copier repaired at a low cost or you might not even need to pay for anything as long as you have a service contract for your copier.

Another benefit is when the machine’s downtime happened while you were in the middle of your printing. With a service contract, you can immediately call a technician from your service provider to help you in repairing your copier within a short time. They also ensure that your copier doesn’t break down by doing a thorough check-up of your equipment in a scheduled manner. This can help in preventing a lot of unexpected problems to pop up in the long run while using your copier. Your service provider might also offer a replacement for your copier while they are fixing your copying machine so you may be able to continue your business workflow.


Service providers always make sure that their customers can experience good service. Another benefit that you might get is the consumables that are included in your service contract that your service provider included when you chose to buy a copier from them. One of the consumables that you might encounter is the remote monitoring of your copier. When they notice that you are running low on toner for your copier, they’ll immediately send you a replacement so you won’t have to worry about when you have to replace your toner and you will also have peace of mind whenever you use your copier in the future.

Service contracts might look troublesome for you, but they will be a great asset for your equipment in the long run especially when you encounter problems while you are using your copier. They can help protect from any unnecessary costs in repairing your copier when the time comes that it needs some repairing and you can also immediately seek help from their trained technician so you would be able to rest in the thought that they will be able to solve your technical problem for your copier. So if it calls your attention to your copier in your company, don’t be hesitant in contacting your service provider and ask them everything you want to know and they’ll be very happy to answer them and help you find the right contract that would suit your needs.

Service Contract

An agreement that can protect your copier from unnecessary costs for repairs.