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Wide Format Printer and Photocopier Rental

Getting our tasks done on several machines might be so tiring. You have to run here and there, only to print documents of nearly the same pages with different colour demands and whatnots. However, technology saved us so much time and energy by continually innovating office machines into an all-in-one device. Whereby, you only need to stand and manage it through the machine and you’re done. 

Wide format printer and photocopiers are one common example of such. However, you are probably short in budget to consider buying one for your company or business, or it might not just be a practical road for you. But that’s not a problem! There are lots of companies out there that can provide the suitable device to meet your work demands in no time. 

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A wide format printer is not your typically size and daily use printer. This is used when you need to print materials larger than a normal size of paper (8-½” x 11”). Given this, I assume you are looking for a meaningful advice or heads-up before renting one.

Before signing into the contract of renting a wide format printer and photocopier, you should first identify your work demands in order to choose the suitable machine that matches perfectly with your daily needs. 

Know that there are two kinds of this device you might be choosing from—A3 mono laser printer and A3 all-in-one laser printer. Obviously, the former sounds exactly how it works. If you do not need much colour printing in your work field, then it should work best for you. However, the latter is one versatile machine. The only thing is, it is not recommended for artists or photojournalists who require high-quality printing devices.

Now, here are the things you’re benefitting from renting out an office equipment, specifically a wide format printer and photocopier:

  1. You can get upgrades whenever your rented machine becomes outdated overtime. Unlike buying one, you can’t taste the new features of the new model unless you splash some money down. This is a great advantage to small business, because you won’t have to wait to earn money for some upgraded office machine, since upgrades on renting companies are usually free.
  2. By using it over time, it is not impossible for the machine to require some fixing and maintenance services. Unlike buying one outright, you can save money from maintenance and service fees when the device broke down since the rental company covers the repair costs for these.
  3. Renting a wide format printer and photocopier may be a bit hectic for its size and sensitivity, however, the good thing is that you’re only renting. You will have to enjoy flexibility over short-term leasing contracts which last less than a year or for renting it for 3 days and such. You will get to experience and sort out different models of office multi-function device and get the best out of them for your work demands.
  4. You can have the final say in the machines you’re needing when the former you rented out did not suit your work progress. By this, the company would probably provide you with a set of devices you can choose from, of course in alignment with your necessary preferences.

Finally, double-check the agreement contract and read the details carefully. Make sure they line up with the conditions you are exactly paying them for. Renting an office machine is a lot easier than the hassle of paying outright for a wide format printer and photocopier, but it also have some risk to take.

Entering into a contract must have a detailed exposition of the conditions and a breakdown of expenses, especially about the costs and maintenance of your rental device. Find out if it’s worth considering to pay for such amount when the machine’s not looking good enough on the outside, or how long it has been used. You would want to always consider the line of work you do, and align it to the features and characteristic of the model you are renting. 

Finally, renting a wide format printer and photocopier is so far a practical purchase that will benefit you far enough for your small and growing business.