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Will a Small Business Copier Last as Long as a Larger One?

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Will a Small Business Copier Last as Long as a Larger One?

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While the push has been toward going digital and paperless, businesses both large and small still need to utilize paper copies on a daily basis. Just because you own a small business definitely does not mean your printing needs are small. You may need more than a thousand copies a month but less than 50,000 copies. You may need a small business copier or a large model copier. It all depends on your business and your specific copying needs. When a business chooses a small business copier there are some things to consider before renting or purchasing.

What to Look for in a Copier

Before you purchase or rent a copier, you need to truly understand what your business needs are for a business copier.

How many pages will you need to print?

How much ink will you require? Colored print or black and white?

How much time does the copier take to make copies?

Does the copier need time to breathe so it does not overheat?

Is it more economical for you to rent or purchase?

What type of maintenance does your copier need?

These are all things that you, as the business owner, will need to determine when deciding on a copier.

How Long Should a Small Copier Last?

Once you identify your copier needs, you may start wondering how long a copier should last. This is somewhat of a loaded question.

How long the copier lasts depends on several factors, and these need to be considered when you either purchase or rent a copier. Also, when purchasing, you will need to consider whether you should purchase a new or refurbished copier.

Factors that determine how long a copier will last are:

Output – low-end floor standing copiers produce 1000 copies per month and high-end ones can produce 50,000 a month

Maintenance – Regular maintenance can help your copier last for its expected lifetime

Print speed

Paper capacity

Scanning capabilities

Graphics – as production printers have different specs than business office printers


Inkjet or laser

Color or black and white printing

New or used

As a baseline for how long a copier will last, five years seems is the average for the typical floor-standing copier that is used regularly. Small copiers, if well maintained and used within their parameters, can last just as long large-scale copiers.

Copier Repair

Should You Choose a Small or Large Copier?

This question can only be answered by understanding the unique and specific copying needs of your business.

Before you buy you will need to consider:

The number of copies you need to produce each month

Available floor space in your business or office

Budget – Does your budget allow for the purchase of new equipment?

Length of the copier’s life

Cost to maintain, refill ink, and service

Diligence in your copier purchase endeavors is key. There is no need to pay for features you will never use or buy a large floor model when a small copier will do exactly what you need and fit your space better.

There are plenty of small copiers that do as good of a job as a larger copier, and they also have a life span that compares to the larger models.

What are Good Brands for a Business Copier?

There are plenty of good, reliable brands when it comes to business copiers.

Some of those brands include

Konica Minolta





A 2019 review of small business copiers features several of the models listed above.

In order to purchase the copier that is right for your business, you will need to review and compare printer copiers according to your needs, features offered, maintenance program, size, and other factors.

How Can You Ensure You are Happy with Your Small Copier?

There are a few key things that can help ensure your continued happiness with your copier.

A few of these factors are:


Maintenance contracts

Skilled techs

Good communication

When you purchase or lease a small copier, you want to pay close attention to service agreements for maintenance, timeframes for support, and tech skill and availability.

You need to be able to depend on your copier to produce quality documents without taking too much time to do so. If your copier is constantly not working correctly, it will take time away from your other priorities, like communicating with your clients and running your business, while you are bogged down arranging copier service.

Knowing your copying needs and selecting a copier that fulfills them is a key part of keeping your business running smoothly. A small copier doesn’t equate to a small business. It’s all about what suits your business, and the small copier you select for your business needs to be a dependable, well-functioning member of your team. It needs to work alongside you effectively and efficiently. If you take care of your small copier the same as you would an employee, it will be a consistent and reliable asset to your business.

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