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Xerox Copiers: Here Are 3 Of the Easiest To Use

Despite being in the digital age, there are still numerous reasons why businesses should invest in a multi-function printer. Not every partner or customer wants to receive digital records. Also, there are instances wherein technology fails. Those moments are put your business in a very tight spot. It is always a great idea to have hard copies available in case of tech emergencies. An excellent quality, multi-function printer and copier can help produce the documents that your business needs efficiently, so no time is wasted. 

The copiers today are usually referred to as MFPs or multi-function printers, or MFCs or multi-function copiers. Sometimes they are referred to as all-in-one. These machines print, copy, fax and scan from one machine. Users can print files and create copies fast from the same device. 

Many modern color copiers can track the usage to reduce unnecessary copying and printing by customers or employees. Also, many MFPs come with a digital touchscreen display, wireless accessibility, and other user-friendly features. Here are the 3 Xerox copiers that are easy to use:

Xerox WorkCentre 6515

For businesses with small creative teams or those that need an MFP capable of producing quality printed materials, you can’t beat the Xerox WorkCentre 6515. It has small dimensions, excellent printing speed, a duty cycle of 50,000 images every month, and crisp colors and sharp images. You can separate this model from others in its class. It features a simple user interface. It also comes equipped with mobile printing functionality, environmentally friendly features, and cloud-connected application. 

Xerox VersaLink C405

Suppose you can find room in your workplace for this sizable four-in-one laser printer. In that case, it will almost certainly meet your scanning, printing, and copying requirements. It has a high capacity for toner and paper, with room for 550 sheets in the main paper tray, and it has another room for 150 in its multipurpose tray. It prints and photocopies very quickly, and the large touchscreen interface is the most sophisticated that you will find on the front of any printer. 

Xerox VersaLink C7020

This is a serious multi-function device that is made to take care of heavy print loads in small to medium-sized offices. It can store 620 sheets of paper, and there are also upgrades available to expand this capability. It can print quickly in duplex mode, and it can copy a stack of 110 sheets in its automatic document feeder. It is a massive machine, and you can load up the drawer with A3 paper as well as A4. It is also made to last, and the sophisticated touch screen makes it very easy and secure for employees to operate the machine. 

What to consider when buying a photocopier?

Photocopiers in the shape of a multi-function printer come in all sizes and shapes. There is a lot that is aimed at the domestic market. Look closely at the stated capacity and match it to your workload. A lot of the latest copiers are using advanced print technologies that were only found in high-end printers. If possible, look at the samples of print and scanned output before you make your choice. Many vendors now offer the option of sending samples by post. 

Check the printer if it has fax capability. Fax is far from an over communications medium, with many businesses still needing it. Check the fax capability of the copier, which today is likely to use the cloud and direct-dial to another fax machine. 

So will your company need to manage sensitive information? Access to the features of a photocopier should be controlled with PINs or even passwords. Also, make sure that the MFP only prints the required copies to ensure data security. You also need to check whether the USB port should be disabled to mitigate any risk. 

Suppose you have more questions about more Xerox copiers that are easy to use. In that case, you can contact our local leasing company. We can assist you with explaining its features and benefits.  If you are looking for a Copier for your business, you may contact Clear Choice Technical Services You can ask about Copier Leasing ServicesCopier rental services, IT Services, and even Copier Repair services.