Ricoh MP C2500

How to Fix Toner Problems with Ricoh MP C2500

A customer from Houston, Texas called in to ask for assistance with their Ricoh MP C2500. There is an error message stating “low black toner”. They replaced the toner and still having an error message “Add Toner”. They didn’t know what could have been wrong so they contacted us to have it checked with an expert technician.

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Our technician went on site and was able to rectify the issue. Here are the notes of the troubleshooting in fixing toner issue for Ricoh MP C2500.

Toner Problems

  • Customer got a “low black toner” message
  • They replaced it with a new Black Toner Cartridge and they are getting “Add toner” message
  • They need a tech A.S.A.P.
  • We sent a tech the same day
  • Tech checked the toner and it was the correct one and it’s OEM
  • Tech installed the old cartridge and there’s no “add black toner” message but it’s back to “Lower toner” message
  • He installed back the New Toner and got the “add toner” message again.
  • That means the new Toner they ordered online is “Defective on Arrival” since it triggers “add black toner” which means it’s not detected
  • They instead requested for a refund from that company and ordered from us in Clear Choice Technical Services.
  • They installed the Toner they got from us and that resolved the issue

We hope that the steps made by our technician could help you fix this problem on your machine. In case you have questions or might need assistance regarding this, our team in Clear Choice Technical Services can definitely help you determine the issues in your machine that needs to be addressed.

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