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Looking For A Great MFP? Canon ImageRunner Advance C5535i II Might Be The One For You!

The Canon C5535i II offers digital imaging solutions that are targeted to consumers, small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. Its products range from cameras and color copiers to projectors and camcorders. It offers a lot of options for color copiers, especially high-end options that may be good for a larger business or enterprise. 

Canon ImageRunner Advance C5535i II is a color laser multifunction printer that is made with numerous enterprise-level features designed to drive more workflow and cost efficiencies. Users can copy, print, send documents and scan from one copier, it also allows you to fax. 

It prints and copies at 35 pages per minute in both color and black and white and color. Standard paper capacity is 1,200 sheets, but you can increase this to more than 3,000 sheets by using the external tray. The color copier takes 10 seconds to warm up after it has been shut off completely or is awoken from sleep mode. 

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Businesses can customize the Canon C5535i II. Canon’s website has a configuration tool that can help you select the different accessories so this printer suits your business needs. 

The Canon C5535i II’s touchscreen measures around 10 x 7 inches. It functions like a smartphone. You have the option to customize your touchscreen experience. You can also connect them directly to cloud service like Google Box or Google Drive. Users can easily search for files, print them or scan them, or you can convert them as needed. 

Canon ImageRunner Advance C5535i is packed with numerous security features, which are perfect for businesses that are required to protect confidential information. The security settings for the C5535i are password-protected, and your IT department can control the settings of the printer for a central location. As an added security measure, businesses can help set up the printer so that users can only access it using a PIN code, a badge reader, password or a picture login. 

One of the biggest benefits of the Canon ImageRunner Advance C5535i is its ability to help you control your printing costs. The machine can track usage, allocate print and copy costs to specific departments or even limit access if over usage is detected. This helps streamline costs and it can help prevent excessive copying. The accounting team can pull a comprehensive report so you can see the latest numbers. 

The price of the Canon C5535i is reasonable. For larger businesses, the Canon ImageRunner Advance C5535i may make sense because of its security and cost-control features, not to mention how efficiently it prints and copies documents. 

These features are needed for businesses in the legal, healthcare or accounting sphere, or any company that needs to allocate costs back to their clients or to specific departments. 

Businesses should also consider the weight and the size of the copier. The C5535i II weight 313 pounds, by far the heaviest multi-functional printer for businesses. The dimensions are 24 3/8 x 29 1/4 x 37 3/8 inches. This may be less of a drawback and just something to plan for in your office. This is not a desktop printer, or one meant to move easily from location to location.

If you have more questions about the Canon ImageRunner Advance C5535i II, you can contact the manufacturer. However, when planning to lease one, you can contact our local leasing company. We can help you with the payment options and can provide you more information about the benefits of the copier.