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Office Copiers and Printers: Avoid Hidden Costs

The cost of printers and copiers depends on various factors like the type of device, features, and accessories included. When investing in these devices, choose models with reasonable price tags and avoid paying for hidden costs and unnecessary charges. 

How Can You Avoid Hidden Costs on Office Copiers and Printers? 

When purchasing or leasing office printers and copiers, it’s vital to ensure that the manufacturer or provider properly takes care of these devices. People won’t probably buy products without knowing warranty options. This also applies to office printers and copiers. 

There is a lot that many people don’t really know about technology solutions, and in terms of office printers and copiers, there are plenty of hidden costs that people do not always see. Some providers fail to tell shoppers about the additional fees for leasing or purchasing new copiers and printers. How can you prevent these hidden costs associated with these devices? 

To avoid hidden fees and costs, you must understand the terms of the devices and the warranty. Remember that every company is different and covers several services, and it’s up to you to understand the terms they are offering. 

To save yourself from unnecessary fees and hidden costs, you also need to calculate the actual costs of copiers and printers, including consumables, maintenance, IT support and infrastructure, and more. You can have a clearer idea of the competitive pricing or the reasonable cost of a quality device. 

The Common Hidden Costs of Purchasing Office Copiers and Printers: Factors to Consider

Should you purchase or lease your office copier or printer? There are a lot of factors to consider before you purchase or rent one. Some may not know it but buying a copier, or a printer is like buying a car. This is a significant investment for your office and can impact workflow. Some just resort to lease because buying these devices often costs more than the device’s original cost. These include maintenance, toner, and repair. 

What’s the hidden cost of buying a copier? The following are the things to consider before purchasing one: 

  • Maintenance Agreement 

Maintenance agreements are essential to your office device’s upkeep. These provide repair services thus you won’t be worrying when your device doesn’t work correctly. While leases come with a service agreement combined with the contract, maintenance agreements add costs when buying. 

You can opt out of the maintenance agreement, but think about what may happen if your office copier or printer needs repair. Without this agreement with a provider, your service ticket will be billable. This means that you will pay for every service individually, including parts and time. 

  • Supplies 

Without a partnership with managed print services, you will be responsible for buying supplies such as toner. Those who don’t have the proper buying process can face massive headaches like falling for scams. If different departments buy their own toner, they might mismanage their resources and time.

 While office workers search the net for hours to find the most affordable toner option, they are not focused on their primary responsibilities. Or they purchase the most practical or convenient option to save time, therefore, missing essential details. Not just will your office lose productive time but can also cost it an added billable or paid service call. 

  • Lack of Technology Upgrades 

Buying an office copier or printer takes a big upfront sum, and you don’t want to spend more money that often. Upgrading a copier might take years when you buy. Your office will experience more flexibility that perfectly fits all your employees’ needs if you’re within a contract. 

Some office machines or devices might become overused or overworked due to the changes in workflow or probably because they don’t perform according to their intended use. But just like your office, technology constantly evolves and becomes more productive and efficient. The majority of lease agreements understand this constant change and work in part about technology upgrades. 

While the printer or copier you buy today fulfills your needs, your office’s complexities will continue to change, and technology also tends to be more productive and efficient. 

Choose the Best Copier or Printer for your Office 

Whether you plan to lease, rent, or purchase new office printers and copiers, we can be of great help if you choose to partner with us. We have a complete range of solutions and technology options to choose from. 

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