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Service and Maintenance Agreement for Your Office Machines

You need to learn the purpose of the service and maintenance agreement for your office machines. This will serve as insurance for your office machines.

If ever your machine has a technical problem, you can have a specific team call. But because you have an agreement, they won’t just offer you service repairs. Often they will also handle the replacements for you.

You don’t have to research the proper devices for your office. This means you’ll be saving a lot of time and effort. Meanwhile, someone responsible and trustworthy will do it for you. 

Having a service and maintenance agreement contract allows you to focus more on your business without worrying about your office devices. 

What’s the advantage?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you will have fewer responsibilities in your hands. Your machine provider will be the one fully responsible for your machines. 

However, I think you should not let your provider handle the fundamental problems on your machine. When you have the knowledge to do it, and the problem is not that hard, have your initiative so that you wouldn’t need to pay for the service. 

You’ll also be sure that the person in charge of repairing your office devices is not just anyone with experience. But one has lots of experience and knowledge as well. 

They won’t just make your devices work again. They will do it with skills and care. 

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What does the contract contain?

Like most contracts, you and your provider will input both your terms. What you will need, and what are the things that can ensure they can provide. 

Frequently they already have a template, and you will just be checking it for some edits and the additional agreement. Nevertheless, the contract will contain the regular equipment maintenance and the materials required for every repair.

If there are inclusions, there are exclusions as well. Each provider is different from one another. Some may be offered by another that is not available on your current provider and vice versa.

It will help if you also discuss the warranties and money-back if you are unsatisfied with their outputs. You have to also include termination terms in case of fraud, violence, or whatever reason you may see unfit. 

Both have its advantage and disadvantage. 

What must be the output?

The first thing you should do is state your definitions at the start of the contract. You must be clear with what you want and what you need. The service provider would also do the same. 

Define essential things like the type of work, the name of the technician, and the time length. 

The second one is to get a little deeper with the details. Define the services they must offer. Are they willing to handle minor to major problems? 

And of course, you must not forget to review the contract if there’s a need for revision, do so before the both of you sign your agreement. 

Is it expensive?

That depends on what specific device you would want to include in the contract. The cost is often based on the service and maintenance. 

However, there might also be some factors that the provider might consider, such as the proximity and number of office machines you would want them to handle. 

Usually, they don’t include your device’s consumables in their service. Set, for example, the paper for your printer and also the ink. Since you use it regularly. that would be at the cost of your company.

The cost of a service and maintenance contract is based on several factors likely to differ from business to business.

Is it right for you to have Service & Maintenance Agreement?

Yes, it is. Just make sure you are comfortable with the details and terms with your provider. They will help you enhance your business processes while you grow your business. Get one now.