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Trusted Copier Brands For Small Businesses

One of the most important office equipment for any business is a copier. Getting the best copier for a small business is a tricky task. There are a lot of options, so it could be difficult to decide which copier will suit you best. If you are looking for a copier that can print your documents or produce your materials or just copy your documents for filing, the perfect copier will not only do all your tasks efficiently and effectively, but it will not take up a lot of your office space. 

If you are reluctant to buy a copier since you do not know which ones suit your small business, you can lease a copier instead. There are a lot of leasing companies that let you lease or rent a copier, and you can upgrade it when the contract is up.


Brother is a respected name in the copier and printer industry. This brand has been in the market for years, and it is known for its reliable and flexible copiers. Their product is perfect for small businesses, especially the Brother Monochrome Copier and Printer. 

This copier is a digital multifunction black and white copier that will scan, print, and copy documents. The copier can do double-sided printing, and it can also deal with multiple types and sizes of paper. It will print on envelopes, card stocks, and other types of paper, thus giving you the ability to make professional marketing materials and other documents. It also has a capacity to handle at least 250 sheets of paper, and it offers a 50 sheet document feeder so you can copy your documents in bulk. 


HP is another trusted name in the industry, and they have manufactured some of the best copiers in the market. Small business copiers need to be able to copy and print large amounts of documents; they need to be versatile, small, cost-effective, and energy effective. The best model that can give you all that is the HP OfficeJet Pro. 

It is a great tabletop copier that will print in both color and black and white; you can copy, print, or scan anytime and anywhere. You can also do both single and double-sided because it has wireless printing capabilities. You can use the copier on the go because it has a wireless direct printing option that you can use with your smart device via AirPrint. 


Canon imageCLASS is one of the most popular printers for small businesses. You can fax, scan, print, and copy with this small printer. Canon has a reputation for producing high-quality products, so you are ensured that your copier will work as you wish it to. This multifunction copier can help increase productivity in your workplace, and it can provide you and your staff with a professional way to present your business. Canon imageCLASS also has a wireless connection option so you can print and copy your documents even when you are on the go. 

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These are just some of the best copiers for small businesses that have stood the test of time, they are durable, flexible, and they produce high-quality copies. You can contact your advisor, or you can talk to each of the brand’s personnel so you can identify which is the best for your small business.